Army veteran launches fightback with hunger strike over Sadiq Khan's hated ULEZ

An army veteran in Uxbridge has launched a hunger strike against Sadiq Khan's hated ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) expansion warning of the cost of living impact of the new tax.

An army veteran has launched the fightback against Sadiq Khan's plans to hit drivers in London with a tax by going on a hunger strike for a week.

Prabhdeep Singh, who served in the Army Dental Corp, described the expansion of the ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) to the entirety of London as "unnecessary" and said that people needed to stand up to pressures being added during a cost-of-living crisis.

Mr Singh is a resident of Uxbridge where the Conservatives won a surprise victory in the by-election caused by Boris Johnson's departure on the back of fury over Mr Khan's ULEZ expansion.

The scheme will hit hundreds of thousands of people living in London and those who need to commute or travel in for work with a daily charge of £12.50 a day which can go up to around £4,500 a year.

It will affect all diesel vehicles older than 2015 and petrol vehicles older than 2005.

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Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News, Mr Singh said: "The reason I am on hunger strike is just an indication to the people of Britain is that this is what it is going to be like if we don't fight back.

"While we are fighting against the poverty of the cost of living crisis there is another burden on the people called ULEZ.

"This ULEZ is out of nowhere. We don't need it. The people don't want it.

"It is just being imposed on us. That is why I am here and what I am fighting against."

He said that "a lot of people" are dropping in to support him and bringing him water to survive on for the next seven days.

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He added: "The result of the by-election here has given a clear indication to the Mayor that this is not what we want in Greater London."

Mr Khan has insisted that 4,000 people a year die in London as a result of toxic air but these figures have been disputed by anti-ULEZ campaigners and the Conservative Party.

There have been concerns that Labour has plans to roll out ULEZ schemes to the rest of the country following comments by Angela Rayner and Mr Khan.

There are also fears that ULEZ could be followed by a "pay by the mile" scheme introduced by Khan if he wins another term in City Hall.

The Tories have pointed out that Labour has taken £1.5 million in donations from the bankroller of eco-zealot group Just Stop Oil Dale Vince.

Mr Khan has vowed to press ahead with the expansion of ULEZ which will cover the whole of Greater London from August 29 after he won a court victory against five Conservative-run councils.

However, a number of councils are refusing to cooperate in erecting infrastructure such as cameras and signs to allow ULEZ to go ahead smoothly.

Critics have claimed Mr Khan wants to introduce the scheme to plug the black hole he has created in the finances of Transport for London.